Welcome to 706Gaming!

706Gaming is a AA game conception and design company located in the foothills of the north Georgia mountains. 

We strive to produce games that are artful, humane and timeless. To learn more about what all that means please visit the About Us page.

The Fox, The Forest And The Darkness

We are currently actively working on our first Game The Fox, The Forest and The Darkness. It's an adventure mystery for kids of all ages 10 and up. We are at an extremely early stage of the game, but there is a playable demo available! Visit the game's page for a continuing developer diary and more fun stuff.

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The Game Jammer's Jam

We also produce the web show "The Game Jammer's Jam" featuring Creative Director Will Leamon's music and visual arts centered on the many, many game jams he's done over the years. Check that out on the GJJ page.

Click here to check out the Game Jammer's Jam